We care deeply about our environment, which is why we do our best to produce particularly beautiful furniture as ecologically as possible. This includes looking for suppliers that are situated very close to us, whenever this is possible, in order to keep transport distances short.

A crucial aspect is the shaping of the surfaces of our products. To guarantee that furniture is durable and low-maintenance, in the majority of cases, an efficient surface finishing is necessary. For surface finishing, we use only water-based varnish systems, which are ecologically especially positive, or natural-based oils. We don't use solvent-based surface coatings. In this way, we both contribute to an environment worth living in and express our sense of responsibility towards our employees.

Furthermore, we minimise our packaging and for the delivery to the customer, we use reusable protective sheets. All packaging materials that we receive from our suppliers are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

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